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Border Terrier Bonkers-ness!

Well, lovely furs and Hoomums/Hoodads, we’s had FIVE (yes, FIVE) Border Terriers here this week at the I.R.o.W, it’s Border Terrier Bonkers-ness…..!

(For anyone who doesn’t know, www.borderworld.co.uk is located in an office building within the I.R.o.W. This stands for the Independent Republic of Willowcot, on account of our Hoodad wanting to declare independence from the modern world back in 2004, which we did, when we moved to here…)

So, back to the need for a multiplicity of mutts…. Well, it happened because our Auntie Lyn needed to hoof off down to somewhere called “hoppy-tal” whilst Uncle Stephen had his cheques up…

We all remain unsure how you hold your cheques up whilst hopping. But, all the same, we did have a nice time whilst visitor BTs Jazz and Katie stayed with us.

No-one was harmed except the sitting room carpet, which Jazz poo’d on! She’s gotten into the habit of doing that when visiting. Hoomum said rude words and ran around with a cloth and squirty cleaning liquid… The End 🙂

Don’t forget 20p from every greetings card sale goes to Border Terrier Welfare

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