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Border Terrier Valentine’s Day

Border Terrier Valentine's Day CardA Border Terrier Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching. This after Mum and Dad made it through their Border Terrier Christmas. That’s some feat with what they call a “little Tornado” creating general havoc (ie: me!). They have since been back at work “enjoying” allsorts of things. A leak in the cottage, a broken washing machine, the car brakes sticking, the house alarm needing a call-out (because it kept Mum, Dad and half of Little Haven awake all night). Now we’re looking forward to the approach of spring. First up, though, is February. It’s the month that includes yummy highlights, like a Border Terrier Valentine’s Day! As you may know, Mum is not only fabby at cooking. She’s also fabby at giving cuddles, playing with us and generally spoiling us rotten. She’s also an artist and creates wooferly Border Terrier Valentine’s Day cards.  For example, this one that’s available from her online store: https://www.borderworld.co.uk/product/border-terrier-valentines-day-card/ For all you wooferly BT mums and dads, mum also donates 20p from every card sold to Border Terrier Welfare. Don’t you think that’s fabby, too? We do!

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