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Borderworld Crew Gets Bigger!

Borderworld Crew Gets Bigger! (And no, we haven’t eaten all the pies!)

Soooo, for all you lovely hoomums and hoodads who follow our nonsense and drivel across social media, you’ll know that in summer this year, sadly, we lost our Big Dog (Ben) who was the head of our household, the chief barker and our supreme Alto howler…..

It was a massive blow to us – but at least he’d almost made it to 15. It’s a very good age, and that’s with the blessing of the last 6-and-a-half years as a bonus. In 2011 he suffered a degenerate disk. Ben underwent a major spinal op and we were told to prepare to say goodbye as he only had 6-8 weeks to live.

So now he’s up with the angels, our own little “Growly Star”. Mum created the Borderworld “Growly Star” Christmas card in his honour. Also, “The Ben Card“, which is actually modelled on our Border, Tommy, sat looking out to sea.Borderworld Crew Gets Bigger The card also celebrates the fact that everything moves in cycles; winter turns to spring, and at Christmas, Summer’s just around the corner. There’s Border Terrier themed cards to celebrate just about every occasion. Good old mum!

That funny old place called “the future”

Sooooo……….. as one beloved soul leaves our arms for the last time, somewhere out there in that funny old place called “the future” is the next little life that will come into our hearts and our home… and she is… Meg!

The Borderworld crew gets bigger! Welcome to the Crew, Meg, you’ll be joining us mid November, and we’ll do regular pup-dates as you grow.
Love from Daft mum, soft dad and your soon to be big brothers and sister, here at Borderworld.co.uk

And don’t forget that 20p from the sale of every greetings card goes to those lovely people over at Border Terrier Welfare.

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