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Doggie Bloggy woggie

Doggie Bloggy-woggie

Morning all! Mum’s getting up to speed with her doggie bloggy woggie, which Stuart, our “Eye Tea” man says is mahoosively importink for Mum’s webby rankings to bat them up the charts or sumfink…….

So this is basically where we tell you all about Border Terrier Life in deepest darkest West Wales, in the Independent Republic, which unlike the rest of the country today it seems, currently has NO SNOW! (Jan 30th) however uncle Stuart, the “Eye Tea” man is himself knee deep in snow oooop North in Wigan, and has had to stop chewing Mum’s ear off about her doggie bloggy woggie and we hear has run outside to stop his car sliding down the hill into town…..

More shennanigans later, our fwends. Xxxxx

Pic: Stuart, The Eye Tea Man

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