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“Gerroff me brekkie!” Grrrr!

So, the Girlies have landed again!

Our fur-friends Jazz and Katie have de-camped down here at the I.R.o.W for their holibobs whilst hoomum (Lyn Williams) and Uncle Stephen go and doo buy….. (or was it go to Dubai?) 🙂

Sooooooo NORTY Katie has only been here one night and already STOLEN Sam’s breakfast!

Growlies occurred!

This means that mum has to be on “pup-watch” now at chow-down, to ensure that everyone who has their bowl of yummies, KEEPS their bowl of yummies!

More norty behaviour to follow, over the next couple of weeks; will keep you posted!

The Maid
(Pic shows Katie “I’m in charge of the Kitchen” Williams… “Whatever’s in here, it’s mine!”

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