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“Hairy Mary”…..

Sooooooo, This little beauty (Meg) will be joining us on 17th November 2018….

Normski (hoodad) has banned me from referring to her as “Hairy Mary” although she is indeed very furry – having insisted we use her more friendly nickname of “fluffy mop,” being as she’s a Border Terrier and not a hirsute hooker from Harlow or a Lady of the night from Liverpool….

In fact we’ve today learnt that her Kennel name is “Rockslade D’Amour”… she is indeed a complete and utter Dog D’Amour as we love her to bits already… (Not to be confused with THE “Dogs D’Amour”; the 1980’s London Hard Rock band, fronted by singer, Tyla, who notably performed at Loughborough Uni Student union in 1986, hoomum being in the audience but leaving abruptly when a complete stranger was sick on her jacket….. 🙂

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