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“Say Cheese”!

Well it’s Mum here (the Typist) …or should I say, the Maid, the pup’s servant, general cook and cleaner-upper….
As some of you may know, our latest addition, puppy Meg is busy causing havoc as she grows up, thrusting an entire household to be in upheaval as each ‘NORTY’ episode gets NORTIER than the last…..

Last night I was making dinner, all was peaceful and calm (and QUIET, now that’s a bad sign…)

We were having Cawl, a Welsh vegetable and lamb thin soupy-stew, or “Stewp” as it’s more commonly known in our house, the table was laid with place settings, condiments, glasses and a bowl of grated cheese which I’d set out for the topping, and I was slicing a loaf with my back to the table…. Meg? Well, have a guess. Silently she’d sneaked up on to the chair, on to the table and wolfed the whole dish of grated cheese!
I turned around – and there she was, sat at table, with a look that said “any more, Mum?” !!! 🙂

This, my fellow readers, is the NORTY pup herself… repentant? I think not!

Please note: Cheese shown is not the missing cheese – that remains missing! 🙂

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