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The Hairy Mary Dairy (That’s supposed to be Diary!)

So, it’s 8th November 2018 and mum and dad are barking on about an “hanniversery” and it being FOURTEEN years since mammy and daddy bought the “Place We now Call Willowcot”, which, when they bought it, was neither independent, nor a Republic…

These days they regularly refer to it as “the Independent Republic of Willowcot” and often talk about how Dad declared Independence from the modern world when we moved here, and of course that it’s a Republic….(and dad quotes many times that he agrees with the 90’s band “Blur”, insasmuch as he “Hates The Modern World” although to the best of my knowledge, he never bought the CD, even though I’m only a seven week old Border Terrier and I don’t yet know what a CD is, but I’m sure i’ll enjoy chewing the many that Mum and Dad have, some time later….

Now, I’m a seven-week old Border Terrier, my name, I’m told, will be “Hairy Mary” (No, actually it’s Rockslade D’Amour, as registered with the Kennel Club) and Dad says it’s NOT going to be Hairy Mary, despite how often mum calls me that, and that Mum is just being silly, because I’m very fluffy, but it’s more appropriate to call me Fluffy Mop, rather than Hairy Mary, but ACTUALLY, my name will be MEG!!! That’s Meg, rhymes with Peg and is nothing to do with hirsute Margarets or over-insulated floor cleaning implements…..

Mum and Dad are planning to pick me up next Saturday, which apparently involves Vet beds, walking the current Willowcot Border Terrier Crew on the beach first, buying my hoomum-mummy-so-far (Gentle) some yummy choccies on the occasion of our parting, and stocking up on lots of spare newspaper for the event of soaking up clandestine wees, so I believe….

So, I’m looking forward to my new life 14 miles away in even-Waleser and more Wester-far-West Wales, with, so I’m told three also other totally spoiled furries, called Little Mac (who’s neither little, nor Scottish), Tom and Princess Sammy….
More to follow, folks!

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