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You’ve got to “Liver” little….. :)

So, a frenzy occurred this weekend when hoomum cooked the weekly punnet of Liver!!!
Crowds formed and mass excitement was witnessed as various BT’s jumped about in anticipation…
Soon the velvety, unctious, savoury treat was ready, and when cooled, each waiting pup had a little tiny chunk of the awful offal popped into their mouths as a treat in advance of their dinner….

(Dinner was actually Chappie, ‘cos you can overdo it with liver, it can be too rich and not ideal for their precious bones) however the Chappie also got topped with a soupcon of liver treat; a “ruse” as if the whole bowl were indeed filed with lambs liver itself….

Speed records were set as the vittals got devoured….
No dog bowls were harmed in the making of this riot….

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